Wow! So much to tell! Blog updates have been increasingly hard to find time for- we've been so busy!
First and foremost- we were voted Best Overall for Sustainability (in our class) last Wednesday. From their, we went through to the overall judging at the gala last Thursday!! Everyone put together fantastic displays, and it was really exciting telling parents and other members of the community about our project, even though we were a LITTLE tired (we had finished our presentation the night before at Emma F's house). Soon enough, the votes were in. It was really nerve-racking waiting for the prizes to be awarded, but we are very proud and pleased to announce that we recieved the grand prize of BEST OVERALL out of fifty other AMAZING presentations!

Although we are really happy with our award, we decided that we would continue with our campaign after the gala last Thursday. After all- it's making a difference that really counts, and Jaymie, Emma F and I have growen increasingly passionate about this cause!

Please comment below on what part of our project you liked the most, ask questions, or just provide general feedback! It would be AWESOME if you guys could do that and it would really make my day!

-Emma H :)

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