Hello!  Emma F here!  So it is now Term 4 and it is hard to believe that only about 5 weeks ago we were standing in the hall awaiting the verdict of our project.  Right now we are in the height of our exam study, and one of the Social Studies papers is an essay on Sustainability.  It feels good to revisit all the work we've done and it's also made us realise that, to be perfectly honest with you, it has been hard to keep up with everything we said we would do.  But we try our best.  I have also realised that there has been a sudden increase in viewers from the US - to be honest I have no idea why and if this is true or just Weebly playing games with us but if you are a viewer from America we would appreciate it if you could send us some feedback because none of you have yet...  And we really don't want to find out that our 1000's of views are actually fake and we've really only had like 60... so yeah.

Hopefully I'll catch 'yah later (:

-Emma F

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