Malik being fed cat milk by the keeper!
Wow!  I can't believe that it's been over a week since the Sustainability Gala!  A massive thank you to everybody that came and supported us and to the people who were there the WHOLE way through. 

Now - you may be thinking - what are we going to do now that the Gala is over?  I for one have stopped using and consuming products with significantly high levels of Palm Oil (it's really hard to get Palm Oil free sometimes - if the product has "Vegetable Oil" in it you can look at the Saturated Fat levels and if it is higher than 40% it contains Palm Oil).  Also, we will be submitting the petition names we collected at the gala into the petition and sending off the "Medical Certificates" (faux Medical Certificates certifying that someone has a Severe Allergic Reaction to human rights abuse, deforestation etc. - created by Ben Dowdle (Director of Unmask Palm Oil Demand Labelling) due to the fact that Palm Oil is not labelled cleary because nobody is allergic to it) to Simon Bridges - the Minister of Consumer Affairs.

Also, we plan to get involved with Unmask Palm Oil - Demand Labelling and keep a look out for Workshops, Zoo visits etc. about Palm Oil awareness so that we can keep making a difference - no matter how small.  (Cheesy much).

That's all for now

-Emma F (:

P.S - here is a quote I found that seemed quite fitting: "The miracle isn't that I finished.  The miracle is that I had the courage to start" - John Bingham

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