Hi Everyone,
The past week has been a huge milestone for us in our campaign. We sent a letter to Countdown supermarkets, asking if they would distribute our home-made pamphlets in some of their branches. The pamphlets explain what Palm Oil is, what its consequences are, and they have been designed to promote Countdown's range of Palm Oil-Free products!  I have also been hard at work on my video- I will put it up on this website ASAP- I promise!!
We also held our School Talk on Thursday this week. I felt so popular walking through Kimihia (my previous Primary) to cries of 'EMMA', 'Look, It's EMMA, and 'Hi, Good to see you EMMA!!!'. The group we had the privilege of speaking to were really passionate about the environment, and listened really well!! We held a quiz at the end, based on what we had been speaking about in our presentation. The average score was seven out of ten, which proves that all the kids learned lots!!!
Yet ANOTHER exciting event this week was our lunchtime meeting on Friday with a reporter from the Hamilton Press!! It was all very official, with voice recordings and a professional photgrapher. Though I must say I was VERY nervous at the beginning, we answered their questions to the best of our ability and handled ourselves well. Apparently, we are much more mature then your average Year 9!!! The best part of the meeting was the picture taking- a 'photo shoot' you could call it. Jaymie, Emma, and I had heap of fun posing and changing facial expressions. I swear- the guy took HUNDREDS of photographs of us!!!

It's great to see the success our website is having. So far, we have had over 500 views, and nearly 500 unique visitors, from NZ, Australia, and one person from the USA!!!!! Please keep reading, and please comment on our blogs!! We NEED your feedback!!!!
-Emma H :)


Hi Emma, hi girls! Well, you have growing support here in Learning Room 11 in Kimihia. Well done on your presentation for the Envirokids, your message spread throughout the school and now here in our class we feel much more informed on Palm Oil however we are still wanting to learn LOADS more! We will be following your progress and have put a link to your campaign and website on our wikispace. Good luck and we look forward to seeing your progress! Whaea Jo and Learning Room 11, Kimihia (Full Primary in Huntly)

Emma, Jaymie, and Emma

Hi Whaea Jo and Room 11!! Thanks for your feedback, we really value it. we really enjoyed our presentation too, it was an honour to talk to people who had great listening skills, and a passion for our topic!! The envirokids showed great Kimihia kid attributes. It's awesome that you and your class want to find out more about Palm Oil, and you can via our website, which we will be updating regularly!


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