The Palm Oil workshop at Auckland Zoo yesterday was everything we could've been hoping for! We learnt so much, and the people we met- Specifically Ben and Tali- are going to be very valuable in giving us tips for our campaign! The workshop was very inspiring and gave us lots of extra information, such as telling us how to go about our campaign and actually get people interested and willing to help, and we were also treated to guest speakers who shared their conservation adventures with us, which was really great, and they had a lot of amazing first hand knowledge and experience, which pulled us in even further and really brought out our opinions about this matter. Despite all of this, the best part for me was definitely when we got up close to the Sumatran tigers and orang utans-Emma F got to see the tigers, and Emma H and I the orang utans!We got to stand outside their feeding rooms while they were fed, and the orang utans (Charlie and Madju) even came up and swung on the cage door, so close that we could reach out our hands and touch them! Then, we got to go into the actual enclosure! (Not while the orang utans were in there, they're too dangerous) We got to hide parcels for them to find in all sorts of places, which they would get to search for in the following orang utan encounter for all zoo patrons to see. It was a really amazing experience, I definitely recommend the Auckland Zoo workshops to anybody that's interested in this topic.


P.S, we will be uploading photos from the workshop to our POW page sometime soon (:

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