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Hey everyone,

Well.. this evening we got some very BIG news!  Earlier today we had sent an email to the editor of the Hamilton Press requesting a potential article in the press.  He forwarded it on to the reporters and one emailed us back saying that they would love to get together and talk!  We are so excited because it is a really BIG thing and it's going to help us a lot - not only with the project but also letting people know about the influence of their everyday choices.  I'm literally shaking with excitement!  Also - it's all go for the Zoo Workshop this Saturday and Nathalia Jellyman, the keeper organising the workshop, has emailed all the participants with the final details before the day.  We are REALLY REALLY excited and happy and we feel extremely privileged to be able to get opportunities like this.  It's not everyday you get to go to the Zoo for free AND the have possibility of getting an article published in your local newspaper!  Also Emma H's old school Kimihia has allowed us to give a talk next Thrusday morning.  We are very happy with how succesful our campaign is and cannot wait for the gala night.  WOOOOH!

-Emma F (:

Hey guys, right now we're emailing principals from the various schools we are planning to visit, and finalising our action plan. We are also researching the inevitable positives of using Palm Oil- some being lower production cost, easy extraction process, it is odourless and tasteless (making it ideal for consumers and manufacturers alike looking for a healthy oil for cooking and baking needs.) It's very versatile, and probably the most convenient thing is that seven tonnes/ha can be harvested.
But the fact remains- it is not sustainable. This week we plan to design our campaign posters, information pamphlets, brainstorm topics to talk to Kimihia, Horotiu and Fairfield Intermidiate students about, and design a presentation for the Palm Oil Workshop this weekend!! -Only 4 days to go!

Wish us luck!


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August 26th, 2012

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Wow, we are already two weeks into our sustainability unit!!! Time has flown by so quickly!!! Currently, we are investigating why palm oil is used and what its benefits are. We have realised that although palm oil has many negatives, it also has positives which we need to look in to. We have contacted Tali Jellyman from Auckland Zoo and we will be attending a Palm Oil Workshop there on the 1st of September, which is VERY exciting!!! We have also e-mailed teachers and principals from various school's, and are plannig to give a presentation around Consumer Choices and Palm Oil Production Consequences. As well as this, we are planning to make some pamphlets and possibly some Palm Oil Free goody bags to hand out at the gala.  So far we have gathered lots of handy research and we are relying on the Palm Oil workshop to really tie up our campaign.  Wish us luck!!! (:

-Emma F & Emma H

Hello :) Emma F here!

This is the first blog post on our website, and basically it's just an introductory blog to get us started.  Our project encompasses all of the negative aspects of Palm Oil, what we can do about it and the available alternatives to it.  So far we have a lot of valuable research and we are investigating the possibility of attending a workshop at the Zoo which is of relevance to our topic.  We hope that this website/blog will keep everyone updated with out project, what we're up to and how well we are doing.

If you want to learn more about what palm oil is....
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Toodles :)

-Emma F